101 Ways to Decorate Your Home Using Pinterest (1-5)

We had some friends over the other night and I found myself saying OVER AND OVER "Pinterest...Pinterest...Oh, Pinterest" every time one of them asked "Where did you get that idea?!"  :)  So, over the next few months I will aspire to use Pinterest to decorate our new home in 101 different ways.  Here is the first installment.  I give you #1-5...

1 Faux roman shades My faux shades1.  I have always loved the look of Roman shades and I can even use the sewing machine a little bit to make things for around the house. However, I know my limits and I know that Roman shades are difficult and time consuming.  So, when I saw this post on making FAUX ROMAN SHADES, I thought, now that's right up my alley!  Click the pic on the left to go to the site for instructions - my rendition is on the right.

2 Letter prints My letter prints2. When I saw this idea on Pinterest, I jumped on it right away for Christmas gifts!  The cost of prints + .97 frames from Wal-Mart = a GREAT gift for family!!  Oh, and a great look for my mudroom, too!!  The Flikr site has TONS of each letter - you just pick the combo you like and you're done!  Click here to see for yourself!

3 Behr Mocha Latte My Behr mocha latte3. Our new house is fabulous, but the paint colors chosen by the previous owner were awful.  I mean - off the charts terrible.  The worst was our master bedroom - salmon pink.  (Try waking up to that every morning!)  I didn't really know what color I wanted to go until I saw this pic on Pinterest.  Behr Mocha Latte.  Yes, please.

4 Art shelves My art shelves4. Over the last 10 years or so, I have accumulated roughly a million mismatched photo frames that I can't bring mysely to get rid of.  What to do with these in our beautiful new home?  How to make them look like they are "on purpose" and not a wishywashy mess?!  An art ledge, of course!  $10 in materials, about 30 minutes for Dave to construct, and an hour or so to paint.  Voila!!

5 Cake stand by sink My cake stand sink5. The kitchen in the new house is a little more grown up, a little more sophisticated than our last one.  To just throw the hand soap and dish liquid by the sink didn't feel quite right.  This beautiful alternative not only "churched up" my soaps, but gave me a way to show off a beautiful cake stand that I love!

Stay tuned for ideas #6-10!  Not sure what Pinterest is?!  Start here!  :)  Want an invite to Pinterest?  Just ask me!

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