101 Ways to Decorate Your Home Using Pinterest (6-10)

Here are ideas 6-10 for decorating your house using ideas from Pinterest.  Proof that you really CAN use these ideas yourself!

6.  We have traveled a lot over the last 10 years (until we had children!) and took many beautiful photos that we love to look at.  When I saw this post for hanging art on a horizontal line, I knew this would be idea for our travel pictures and I just LOVE the way it turned out!

7.  In our new house, all of our kitchen appliance are stainless steel.  Nice to look at, but they're not magnetic!  I loved this idea of using a simple, cheap oil drip pan as a magnetic board.  Not only did it gave me a way to let Jake continue to play with all of his magnetic toys, but we can keep them in his room!

8.  Being the mother of two small children, keeping cleaning products in an accessible (and dangerous!) location is a concern.  I love this idea and used this method on the back of our laundry room door.  This got all of my cleaning products out from underneath the kitchen sink and behind a safety gate and closed door.

9.  I always have trouble lining up photos on the wall juuuuust right.  It's my control freak OCD nature.  This - idea - is - genius and all you need is wax paper!  I used it in Cooper's room and also with the horizontal line art in #6 above.  So easy and just the coolest thing ever!

10.  One day my husband walked in the door carrying an old pallet from work.  I guess he really DOES listen when I tell him about Pinterest projects I want to try!  Within 30 minutes he had cut it down and was already staining it.  Now, we're lazy and didn't go so far as to sand it down and make it all fine and pretty.  But, we think it turned out pretty well and we love the idea of this pallet turned wine rack!

Check back to see ideas #11 - 15!  I have some fuuuun stuff in the works and even some guest contributors!

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